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Terms & Conditions



-Any Course over €150 a deposit of €150 has to be paid before course is booked, deposits are non refundable.

-Any course under €150 must be PAID IN FULL before booking

-Balance of course payment is required 1 week in advance of course and confirmation of attendance

-Cancelations are required 7 days in advance. If there is a cancelation in less than 7 days there is a cancelation fee of €100 for courses over €100 and a cancelation fee of €50 for courses under €100.

-Courses cannot be refunded if cancelations are less than 7 days notice.

-Courses cannot be rebooked until cancelation fee is paid

Please understand these policies are in place to ensure student attendance. Each student receives a confirmation email explaining this at the booking stage and a confirmation call to confirm your attendance.
We are unable to fill that student place without 7 days notice so the company incurs a loss.


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